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Get Government Funded Help Towards the Cost of Home Insulation & Heating

ECO Scheme Free boiler: Are you eligible for a FREE government funded boiler and home insulation?

Use our online checker to see if you qualify for a home insulation grant that covers you for ECO scheme replacement plus loft, cavity and underfloor insulation. We can help you get a full FREE central heating system installed. Our expert engineers have helped homes across the UK take advantage of the savings on their heating bills.

ECO scheme free boiler

Boiler Replacement - ECO scheme free boiler

Under the government-backed scheme, ECO scheme free boiler and insulation grants are available to those who receive certain means-tested benefits. It aims to reduce fuel poverty amongst low-income households by ensuring that heat is generated as efficiently as possible and is prevented from escaping from the home. So if your boiler is over 7 years old you could be eligible.

Internal Wall Insulation

Approximately 40% of heat is lost through the external walls of your property. Solid-walled homes are especially vulnerable to this due to their design and construction methods. Properties with solid wall construction include those built using brick, stone, steel frame or concrete construction methods. If your home was built before 1920, it likely has solid walls. Internal wall insulation insulates your solid-walled home from within by adding a layer of insulated plasterboard to your existing wall.


The Government’s ECO scheme free boiler aims to improve the energy efficiency of households, reduce home heating bills, and minimize a household’s carbon footprint. As part of this scheme, you could get your internal wall insulation fully funded using the home insulation grant. The scheme is free to apply to and applications are open to everyone, claiming benefits or otherwise.

ECO scheme free boiler

Under Floor Insulation

Prevent draughts – Prevent heat loss

Under floor insulation can, however, be installed and usually consists in a layer of solid insulation which is placed directly on the floor. Underfloor insulation will, however, prevent heat loss. By preventing this heat loss with underfloor insulation, the energy bill saves at least 10 percent. Under floor insulation can also be combined with reflective foil that helps to create an insulated barrier from the outside air.

The Process

Insulating your floor can make a big difference while cutting energy costs and saving you money. This is done through adding an insulating material beneath the floorboards and between joists reducing the heat that escapes through the floor and into the ground. Approximately 15% of heat is lost from a house in this way. Insulation can also act to prevent draughts from coming up through the floorboards.

Full Central Heating Systems

Heating grants are part of the government-backed Energy Companies Obligation ECO scheme free boiler and are available towards the cost of a Replacement Boiler or full Central Heating system.

To qualify for a Boiler Grant, you must be a home owner. Private tenants and landlords no longer qualify but we can help with the Green Deal and other types of finance.

Heating grants are also available to install for first time full Central Heating systems if there is currently no system installed.

Electric storage heaters can also be replaced with more efficient models under the ECO scheme free boiler.


What Our Clients Say…

A huge thank you to Ark Insulation for making my boiler grant smooth and easy. They took care of everything down to the details.

Mrs P in Willenhall


Introduced in 2013 for the government to meet the set carbon emission target. The grant helps poor homes lower their energy bills and become more energy efficient.

If you meet the criteria you will be eligible for a grant to cover most of the costs, you will be required to pay some contribution towards the new boiler in some case.

Most popular brands are included in the scheme but you won’t be able to pick a specific boiler brand or model.

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