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Get Government Funding For Home Insulation & Heating

ECO Scheme Free Boiler

To see whether you qualify for a home insulation grant that includes ECO scheme free boiler replacement as well as loft, hollow, and underfloor insulation, use our online checker. We will assist you in obtaining a completely free central heating system. Our specialist engineers have assisted homeowners all over the UK in saving money on their heating bills.

ECO scheme free boiler

Boiler Replacement - ECO scheme free boiler

Free boiler and insulation grants are available to those who earn such means-tested benefits under the government-backed ECO scheme free boiler. Its goal is to alleviate fuel poverty among low-income households by ensuring that heat is produced as efficiently as possible and that it does not escape the home. So, if your boiler is older than seven years, you might be liable

Internal Wall Insulation

Approximately 40% of heat is lost through the exterior walls of your building. Because of their design and construction techniques, solid-walled homes are particularly vulnerable. Properties constructed with solid walls include those constructed with brick, stone, steel frame, or concrete. Strong walls are possibly in your home if it was constructed before 1920. Internal wall insulation adds a layer of insulated plasterboard to your current wall to insulate your solid-walled home from the inside.

The government’s ECO scheme free boiler aims to increase household energy usage, lower home heating bills, and reduce carbon emissions. The home insulation grant can be used to completely finance the internal wall insulation as part of this program. The scheme is free to join, and applications are accepted by everyone, whether or not they are claiming benefits.

ECO scheme free boiler

Under floor insulation

Under Floor Insulation

Prevent draughts – Prevent heat loss

Underfloor insulation, on the other hand, can be installed and typically takes the form of a sheet of solid insulation mounted directly on the floor. Underfloor insulation, on the other hand, can eliminate heat loss. The energy bill is reduced by at least 10% by avoiding this heat loss with underfloor insulation. Underfloor insulation can also be used in conjunction with reflective foil to create an insulated shield against the outside air.

The Process

Insulating the floor will make a huge difference in terms of energy savings and cost savings. This is accomplished by placing an insulating material under the floorboards and between the joists, which reduces heat loss through the floor and into the earth. Approximately 15% of a house’s heat is lost in this manner. Draughts may also be prevented by adding insulation to the floorboards.

Full Central Heating Systems

Heating grants are available as part of the government-backed Energy Companies Obligation ECO scheme, which can be used to pay for a replacement boiler or a complete central heating system.

You must be a homeowner to be eligible for a Boiler Grant. While private tenants and landlords are no longer eligible, we can assist with the Green Deal and other forms of financing.

If there is currently no system installed, heating grants are also available to instal for first-time full central heating systems.

Under the ECO scheme free boiler, electric storage heaters can also be replaced with more powerful ones.

ECO scheme free boiler


EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate and is a measure of the energy efficiency of your home on a scale A – G

EPCs were introduced in 2007 and are a legal requirement for your home to be sold or let.  Every home has to have one and once obtained is valid for ten years.

Studies by both the UK Government Department of Energy & Climate Change and an independent study by Money Supermarket have shown how much an EPC can improve the value of a home. In fact, the average English home could increase in value by up to 14% with an improvement of G to D.

Yes, that is exactly what an EPC measures, how much energy is required to run the home.  The more energy required, the larger your bills, the less energy, the smaller your bills.  Improving your EPC is reducing your energy consumption, simple as that.

We install a Worcester Bosch as standard however there are other options available to you depending on your preference.

Not at all.  We are experts in our field and can insulate your underfloor with minimal inconvenience to you.  Remember, it’s the underfloor insulation that has the biggest impact on your EPC, so a little inconvenience now will create long lasting benefits for you and your home.

Absolutely not.  This grant is guaranteed not to affect your benefits in any way.  You have nothing to worry about on that front.

No catch!  The UK is chasing a target of a carbon net figure of zero within the next thirty years.  For that to happen, improvements to homes have to be made.

No it will not, each project has an end date where the funding and improvements will no longer be available.  After that date, any improvements will be at your expense so do not delay, grab this opportunity with two hands whilst it is there.  Do it now!

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