Eco Green Boiler Scheme
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The Government launched the Eco green boiler scheme in 2013 to do and make energy efficiency more accessible to householders by removing or reducing the upfront cost of putting in energy saving measures. Green Deal could be a new style of finance package that is paid back via your energy bills. The most idea being that you pay as you save.

Unlike a regular loan, Green Deal stays with the property instead of the person. So if you progress house the loan repayments are simply transferred over to the new bill payer, who also will inherit the advantages of living in a very more energy efficient home. Green Deal was the Government’s primary scheme designed to remodel the way residents procure energy saving home improvements. However, bad publicity including a series of administration issues had a dangerous impact with only one, 612 households disposing of loans within the first 12 months.

Many Green Deal Providers turned their attention over to ECO with only some of them initially offering Eco green boiler scheme finance to their customers. Things have improved and since 2014 the scheme has shown significant signs of growth with over 8,000 finance plans currently by the end of the second year.

The Green Deal Quality Mark

When a Green Deal participant becomes recognized as they are given the Green Deal Quality Mark, which is a delegation logo that has got to be displayed on their website and marketing material. Must Visit

The mark shows their accreditation number and which company category in (e.g. Assessor, Provider or Installer). For Green Deal Installers the mark will list the energy saving measures the corporate has been approved to put in under the scheme.

The mark was introduced to make trust with householders and demonstrate quality and compliance with the terms and conditions of ECO and Eco green boiler scheme. It also wants to signify which companies are officially a part of the 2 schemes.

Combining ECO and Eco Green Boiler Scheme

ECO and Green Deal were always designed to figure together. They will complement one another if funding or loan rates do not cover the overall cost of the energy saving measures being installed. For example, if ECO funding only supported two thirds of the price of putting in wall insulation, the customers could impound a Green Deal loan to hide the remaining balance.

Eco Green Boiler SchemeWhen the Green Deal was launched, the government anticipated that ECO would be unable to compose any shortfall as a result of the Golden Rule. However, it is ECO funding that has driven the installation of the majority of energy saving measures (97% by January 2015) with many householders only considering their finance options after receiving a suggestion of funding.

Eco green Boiler Scheme

In June 2013, DECC announced that they might release a pot of funding to assist Local Authorities across the. The UK increase the uptake of energy efficiency measures and boost the quantity of individuals putting off Green Deal loans within their local communities. £88m capital funding was allocated to the Eco green boiler scheme Communities Scheme.

Local Authorities got the chance to submit proposals for specific area based initiatives. They needed to convince DECC that they would locate suitable areas with the foremost potential, the most rule being that households pay a contribution towards their home efficiency improvements. Proposals that encouraged the uptake of Green Deal Finance were more likely to be favoured.  They also encouraged Local Authorities to attach with their partners to facilitate the work and boost local employment opportunities. Proposals were judged on the following criteria:

  • The number and the total value of Green Deal loans that will be delivered.
  • Their credibility e.g. Local Authorities needed to demonstrate that they would secure ECO funding to go with. Green Deal offerings and had specifically identified relevant target areas.
  • Their creativity in offering local incentives to drive demand.
  • Their sustainability within the future (e.g. beyond DECC funding)
  • Being according to state aid and procurement rules.

DECC is chargeable for releasing to any extent further funding under the scheme and can promote any future

opportunities through their website.

Eco Boiler Replacement Scheme

Eco Green Boiler SchemeIt is a government funded scheme, and if you are a home-owner or private tenant in receipt of advantages, tax credits or universal credit, then you will be eligible for a free boiler.

Thousands of shoppers have trusted Eco green boiler scheme to produce and fit their free gas, oil or LPG boilers.

Free boiler through the boiler replacement scheme

If you are thinking that you will be eligible, apply using the postcode search above. Most of the shoppers qualify for a free boiler.

But whether or not you can not enter a free boiler, you will be able to get a component funded or heavily subsidised Eco green boiler scheme. Which means you will get some funding, but you will have to make a contribution towards the price.

If you are combating an old, inefficient boiler that keeps breaking down or costs a fortune to run, then this might be how for you to resolve the matter permanently.

How the Eco boiler replacement scheme works

The government has targets it must hit. These targets include reducing the UK’s carbon footprint and also cutting fuel poverty.

One of the ways they are doing this can be through the Eco boiler replacement scheme. It is called that because the large energy companies have targets to hit too. The scheme may be a collaboration between the government and also the six biggest energy companies within the UK.

Everyone within the UK pays a tiny low percentage extra on their energy bills, and this money is employed to fund free boilers and insulation for low-income households and therefore the most vulnerable members of the community.

As a part of the Eco boiler replacement scheme, you will be able to have your old boiler replaced with a more modern A-rated boiler. You will qualify for a free Eco green boiler scheme.

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