Boiler Installation
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A new boiler installation involves many tasks. You will need to differentiate the installers by the quality of their services and prices. The easiest way to do this is to ask for boiler quotes from various installation service providers and identify the most suitable price for you. With our form, it is absolutely free, convenient, and saves you up to 40% off!

Boiler Replacement Scheme

Surveying Your Boiler Options

After discussion and examination of your house and heating needs, it is time to choose your new boiler model. There are many things to consider in this decision boiler capacity, preferred type, and fuel are just some of the factors.

Once you have chosen your new boiler installation model, it is time for the installation. Your heating engineer will fit the boiler in the spot you have designated. This involves connecting to pumps, pipes to your radiators and water outlets, and your cold water mains supply. There might be connections to hot and cold water storage tanks as well.

Depending on the boiler you have selected, the time and extent of the installation will vary. For example, if you are switching from a normal to a combinable type, your engineer will need to remove the water tanks, freeing up your loft space. Additionally, if you are making the step up to a higher capacity boiler to boost your home’s heating, you will need to install more radiators.

Heating Engineer –  Boiler Replacement Scheme

Boiler Installation

Other Issues Of  Your Boiler Installation

Your boiler installer should also place the required sealants so that there is no leakage throughout your system. This is crucial to keep your heating running smoothly and your home safe.

Another aspect of the new boiler replacement scheme will be where it will be placed. Most boilers are placed in a utility room or attic space. Some brands offer outdoor models; these are usually oil-fired boilers due to their size and ease of access to your oil tank. Alternatively, some boilers are suitable for your kitchen. Combi boilers are the most common of these since they are very compact.

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The installation also involves connecting your boiler to your electrical heating controls. This allows you to adjust the amount of heating from a central location other than your boiler or utility room.

What To Expect During The Installation

Any gas engineer worth his or her salt will always try to make the installation as simple as possible. They should cover your carpets and surfaces, bring all the right materials with them to start, work efficiently and safely, stick to all regulations, and leave no trace of their visit.

Is Installing A boiler The Best Option

  1. Boiler InstallationBefore Work Begins

Your Gas Safe engineer will want to check a few things with you first. Such as how many radiators you have, your water pressure, the number of bathrooms in your home and the positioning of the current boiler and flue.

  1. On The Day

If it is a straightforward swap e.g. combi for combi, you should expect the engineer to be done and dusted within the day. It is worth bearing in mind though, that if it is a much older boiler system or you are changing boiler type, there may be complications which extend the installation. You will need to be around to have a run-through of the new boiler controls once it is fitted.

  1. How Much Will It Cost?

Boiler installation costs can be expensive and quotes can vary wildly, with a typical new boiler installation costing anywhere, so be sure to shop around. They depend on whether it is a basic like-for-like switch to a newer model, or a complete system change, with Power Flushes and additional pipework. Make sure you get a fixed price quote upfront to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  1. Getting The Right Documentation

To comply with Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules, all Gas Safe businesses need to notify the local authorities whenever they install a new gas appliance. And they should give you a building legislation certificate, as well as a completed benchmark certificate, to prove compliance. Be sure to query this if it does not happen.

  1. What Happens After The Installation?

Most reputable companies will offer you a guarantee on their services. Here at British Gas, we offer a five year warranty on our installations, but these terms may vary from business to business. So always check before agreeing to the work.

If you are concerned about the safety of your new boiler installation or think that your engineer has done a bad job, follow up with them right away. They are required to put right any problems they have created, or compensate you for the cost of hiring a new engineer. If you have hired a Gas Safe engineer, you really should not have to worry.

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